Complete therapy.

It is deep, intense, liberating and fundamental work.

This work allows access to an acute perception of oneself, a discovery of one’s potential and to deepen a vast field of possibilities than that which is familiar to us.

It is possible :

  • to understand why we act this way and not another.
  • to discern what would make us happier.
  • to decode in ourselves the moments when we become reactive to others and to the world around us.
  • to tame and reconcile with all aspects of our personality.

It is also necessary to know that the unconscious prevents the lucidity of oneself and others, because what we believe “to be” is registered in our unconscious.

And our unconscious takes us where it wants.

My job is to accompany you in the awareness of the choices and objectives of your life and to guide you in the meanders of your unconscious.

Whatever goals/needs you have, wherever you are; I will be there to assist you and achieve the desired goal.

It’s about making sure that mind, body and spirit are connected. Often our mind has a life of its own: we think we are in control of our life when we are just the servant of our mental state.

In a therapeutic approach of the human being, we take into account all its dimensions, whether physical, mental, emotional, family, social and cultural.

It is a real process of personality transformation.

These sessions participate in reconciliation with oneself, change, improvement of well-being as much as the way of life of a person.

So I work as much mentally, emotionally as physically.

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Details of the session.

It is a demanding work of reflection, research and transformation.

This implies a requirement and lucidity because there are many factors that thwart the idea that one has of oneself, the world and others.

How are the sessions going?

The first session allows me to know what I call: the architecture of your being, together it is about exploring what blocks you, slows down your life and together, we will analyse your needs, set goals and establish an action plan.

Some sessions will be devoted to active speech because putting words on the evils allows us to free ourselves, to clarify certain automatisms and to establish new actions because an awareness has been established. Other sessions will be dedicated to hypnosis, or we will transform the unconscious patterns that disrupt your daily life and life plans.

To talk about your life, let’s take for example the symbolism of a painting.

The steps would be :

  • We start by understanding the architecture of this painting : who you are, what you want to work on.
  • We highlight the Picture: the road traveled.
  • This is followed by sessions of Awareness of the brushes and the colours used : choices and decisions made.
  • As well as sessions to explore behind the canvas: the unconscious. Hypnosis sessions to transform what needs to be. See in the Hypnotherapy section what this means.
  • Sessions to Choose/Add Other Brushes and Colors: other Choices and decisions to make.
  • Awareness sessions are done and there are Tools to bring the painting to light again : put all this into action in your life.

And step by step clearly and solidly, you inscribe new foundations within you.

To know.

Following the pandemic, the sessions took place by Skype/Zoom.

My feedback is that the sessions as well as the practice of hypnosis are also effective and bring the same results to the people I accompany.

Two benefits emerged: time and money saved.


The cost of a session also covers all the upstream work for each session.

All payments must be made before the day of the consultation by bank transfer.

Any session canceled 48 hours in advance will be refunded.

  • for any adult: 1 hour = 90 euros
  • for all students and young professionals: 1 hour = 60 euros.


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Need for security and protection.

We all need physical and mental security. This implies having had a balanced family environment without anxiety, without trauma, without aggression. There is nothing more personal, intimate than the bonds we have with our family members. May the past be heavy with deep wounds, traumas, abuse, I help you and accompany you to illuminate your journey and free you from the grips with heavy consequences and recurring toxicity. May the present be made of misunderstanding and judgment, I help you find a dynamic more appropriate to your choices.

Work. Success. Professional life.

We all need a stable environment. Work, success, finances are part of our daily life and our fulfilment. I help you to better know what motivates you, what blocks you, what scares you in your desires, choices and objectives.

Love. Friendship. Emotional life.

We all need to feel loved, appreciated, valued. To live without love, without tenderness is utopian. I help you to better understand what you are looking for, to better understand the choices made, the complicated relationships, your identity.


  • make real life changes.
  • be endowed with deep self-knowledge.
  • gain inner wealth.
  • live better and harmonise links with others and the world.
  • to be able to adapt to the volatility of our world.
  • heal existential wounds.
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I cannot receive anyone :

  • with psychotic states or significant personality disorders.
  • having severe pathologies such as schizophrenia, serious heart disorders, paranoid psychosis.
  • followed by a psychiatrist or released from a psychiatric hospital.
  • under 14 years old (except on request, meeting and parental consent).

To know.

My work does not replace a medical discipline. Under no circumstances am I able or willing to interrupt or modify medical treatment.

Do not confuse hypnosis techniques with esotericism and the paranormal.

Complete Therapy

Targeted Therapy