What is hypnosis?

It is a technique of therapeutic and educational work. There is no loss of consciousness.

The person is fully conscious during a session and does not sleep.

It is not the therapist who acts on the person. It is the person who acts on his unconscious with the help of the therapist as a teacher and guide.

There is no personal projection on the part of the therapist, no manipulation, no transference and especially no dissociation of consciousness.

Conscious and Unconscious.

We are conscious and we have an unconscious.

The conscious takes charge. It is the seat of reason. It is made of our 5 senses. He communicates in words, he is verbal. His thinking is logical, rational, analytical, abstract.

The unconscious is everything that is beyond our consciousness. Anything that is not conscious. He is the guardian of our acquired memories, of our heredity and of our dark and repressed desires. It has a whole psychic activity and mechanisms that cannot be perceived by consciousness. It is expressed in the imagination, in dreams, fantasies. It also has a link with our beliefs, our limits. It also controls all the vital processes, all the functions of our body. He reflects in images, in symbols.

The conscious and the unconscious differ in the way they process information. The brain is flooded with information through our 5 senses.

The conscious can only manage a tiny part of it. The unconscious processes and associates millions of pieces of information with it. It stores and retains information forever. It acts according to the information given, classified and acquired.He is the one who controls our emotions and decisions.

It is in him that our wounds, our traumas, our difficulties, our needs are found.

lWhat is hypnotic induction?

A hypnotic induction allows an opening in consciousness. We live and function every day through our five senses and also in relation to our unconscious. The opening in consciousness allows the person to access an altered state of consciousness by increasing their sensory and cognitive perceptions during the hypnotic induction.

A hypnotic induction allows the hypnotised person to access an augmented/altered state of consciousness. The voice of the hypnotherapist as well as the music allow the conscious to go into standby mode, the mind calms down. The person is always aware of the space around him but the perceptions are distant. The body becomes a little heavier, we relax. There is no loss of consciousness. The person is conscious, simply in an altered state of consciousness. We enter the hypnotic state and quietly, the work can begin with the unconscious.

The therapist will guide the person to discover, feel the sensations, images that appear.

A work of transformation can begin.

Session details.

What is the hypnotic state?

You are in a dreamy but conscious state. When we sleep we dream and in our dreams we hear, see, feel.

Only difference with the state of hypnosis, you will no longer be spectators. You will be actors and will be able to act with my help, and take control of the psychological automatisms that your unconscious generates.

The language of the unconscious functions by symbols. To allow modification, the symbol must be transformed. This will give the unconscious another information that will create another dynamic in your life.

You will act in total autonomy on everything that constitutes you, which will bring about profound changes in your life. Changes that will allow you to LIVE BETTER with yourself and the world around you.

How can I explain my work in connection with hypnosis?

Imagine our brain which would be like a computer. This computer has a processor and an operating system. Our computer has applications and many folders, some old and some in progress.


  • the brain = our existence.
  • the processor = our speed of execution, understanding, slow or fast thinking.
  • the operating system = living in the past, present or future.
  • applications = our love life, our professional life…etc…
  • files = existential issues in all areas of our lives.

Let’s take as an example :

You are working on a current problem file. Ex: why do I have a toxic relationship with Mathilde? Why can’t I change jobs? ……

I intervene by helping you to open the file, understand where the application is and it’s dynamics, see what operating system you are on, the processor set up and make the appropriate changes.

The job is to understand the old system and/or update it. Or change the process to make it faster and in line with new needs.

Sometimes it’s just going to update old apps.

We are not specifically going to change the whole system if it is not necessary. We are going to go exactly and precisely where we need to go.

Covered subjects/Benefits

Topics covered. 

Hypnosis is effective in many areas and is accompanied by awareness sessions.

These sessions make it possible to “become aware” of the root of existential suffering and hypnosis makes it possible to modify its impact by going to instruct the unconscious and “reprogram” it so that the suffering is no longer “electrical/magnetic/epidermal”.

  • Depression. 
  • Fears.
  • Stress, anxiety.
  • Communication problems/lack of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Self-image.
  • The management of emotions and feelings.
  • The stages of grief.
  • The change of professional and personal life/moving.
  • Separation/divorce.
  • The release of toxic relationships.
  • Free oneself from the psychic grip of manipulative people and / or prone to narcissistic perversity.
  • Career guidance.
  • Healing existential wounds.
  • Transforming childhood trauma….


Are there any contraindications? 

Yes, hypnosis is contraindicated with certain pathologies. If that is the case, I will let you know. 

How does the remote session work?

It’s the same as the face-to-face session. Nothing is different. The only request is that you are comfortable at home in a quiet place, without noise and distraction. 

How many sessions are needed?

It all depends on your goal / your problem, the main thing is that the goal materialises and consolidates so that it lasts and lasts over time with slight adjustments if necessary according to the evolution of your course and your choices.


Going to work on certain information installed in our unconscious will allow : 

  • Not to repeat certain experiments. 
  • To lead to better life choices. 
  • Harmonise and engage in relationships with others more focused on understanding and listening or detachment when necessary. 
  • To free oneself from harmful behaviours. 
  • To act from needs/goals/dreams in correspondence with who we are or want to be and not belonging to others. 
  • In the context of phobias, to bring out associations that generate anxieties and from there, create calmness….

I cannot consult anyone:

  • With psychotic states or significant personality disorders.
  • Having severe pathologies such as schizophrenia, serious heart
    disorders, paranoid psychosis.
  • Currently consulting a psychiatrist or released from a psychiatric
  • under 18 years old.

To know

My work does not replace a medical discipline. Under no circumstances
am I able or willing to interrupt or modify medical treatment.

Do not confuse hypnosis techniques with esotericism and the


How to change your life