About me.

I am passionate about the functioning of the brain and the existence of the conscious and the unconscious.

There is an intelligence within us, a breath of life that inspires respect, wonder and the desire to explore who we are.

Getting to know each other better allows us to love each other and to live in this rich, diverse and also troubling,

hard-hitting and sometimes traumatic world.

Being a catalyst of life makes it possible to highlight its limits and this field of possibilities.

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I had a strong passion for sports. I started training at a very young age. I did track and field, downhill skiing and basketball.

Won two gold medals in athletics at the regional championships. I attended a basketball camp and had left to familiarise myself with the sport and its competitiveness when during a professional basketball game, a player from the opposing team fouled me injuring a knee, my life turned upside down.

Result: torn cruciate ligament followed by 10 months of immobilisation.

This immobilisation weakened me, during this time I discovered the theatre and this break then became a passion.

After this accident which ended my sporting career, I discovered the theatre.

I moved to Paris, and started working as an actress in commercials, television series and films.

During this period, I also organised book signings for writers. The job consisted of editing and reading stories, as well as casting actors and musicians to perform excerpts from books.

I read segments of poetry and books for “La Maison de la Radio”, one of the biggest French production companies. I have worked on a number of French TV shows such as: “Le Salon Littéraire, Le Temps des Sciences, Le Bon Plaisir, and A Tout Proche Luc Lang. »

I wrote a book of poetry to accompany a charity event. The biggest designers and many emerging talents in the world of fashion participated in this event, customising old clothes for “Les Petits Riens”, which were auctioned at Sotheby’s. “Les Petits Riens” is a charity that fights against social exclusion and promotes integration. The aim was to raise funds to help underprivileged members of society, providing them with food, shelter and help to start a new life.

I have worked as a coach in areas such as career progression, corporate relations and personal development. Where theatrical scenarios help improve negotiation skills, test problem solving as well as decision-making, verbal communication and leadership skills.

I worked in this industry for 7 years. Between contracts; I liked to travel and discover other horizons and cultures.

I was looking for a change. I started to take an interest in personal development, in the voiceover world…

I decided to start a new life in England, in London.

During the television and film period in Paris, I left for New York with my red suitcase, a notebook and some acquaintances of friends registered in my notebook.

I landed in Brooklyn and then Tribeca. I met extraordinary people in the profession of media and photography. I was beginning to consolidate links in the audiovisual profession and to put in place the process of the administrative and legal procedures to settle there when I received a call to honour an important contract in Paris. I honoured the contract.

I then traveled London for a week-end. Back in Paris, my heart oscillated between New York and London, after much consideration I reached the decision to change my life and start all over again by going to live in England.

I arrived at King’s Cross station in London, however, without my notebook or contacts to call, but with my red suitcase ;-)

Two years follow of intensive integration in a culture and a new language (English at school is useless, I point it out in case) to finally build after these two years filled with tears and nervous laughter; new foundations in the media profession as a voice artist and actress.

I worked in this very beautiful capital where I really liked the Anglo-Saxon philosophy. I was able to collaborate with the biggest London agencies. My work as an artist was very diverse during these years: from commercials to documentaries, television series, film dubbing…etc…

I was also fortunate enough to be chosen to be an announcer and consultant at the London 2012 Olympics for the judo competition alongside two presenters and ex-world champions.

I also developed a strategy and personal development business, and I obtained a diploma in Ayurvedic massage.

(The Ayurvedic Clinic) with Doctor Deepika Rodrigo out of a passion for new and rewarding things.

I lived for 11 years in London and have very beautiful memories.

Back in France, I completed a diploma in hypnotherapy and advanced symbolic therapy at IFHE (The French Institute of Humanist and Ericksonian Hypnosis).

During these 25 years, I have had a life filled with enriching experiences but also with hardships and accidents. I have lived in 3 countries. I have worked in many different trades. I had to make choices, make life-changing decisions. All this has given me deep experiences which enable me to guide and accompany you on your journey. I continue to learn from neurologists, scientists etc. through literature and conferences.

I created my own principle of personal development.

This principle is based on what we know and what we discover about our conscious and unconscious. In my practice, the work is focused on releasing fears, healing existential wounds, transforming one’s view of oneself, and accomplishing these personal and professional projects and ambitions.

My goal is the person I work with feels independent and free at its conclusion.


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