Our conscious and our unconscious.

The conscious and the unconscious are both essential for our life. They have well-defined roles.

Conscious = the person is aware of who they are, what they do and how they act.

The unconscious = without knowing it, the person is guided by the unconscious which will act in a certain way and make certain choices.

The conscious:

On the psychological level, one has an identity and a separate/different personality from others. We know what we think and feel. Our conscious allows us to discern things, it analyses, it reasons. It is the conscious that thinks, makes decisions.

The unconscious:

The unconscious is more of a “state” in which many psychic processes and activities are expressed, unperceived by consciousness.

There is in the unconscious a psychological life which entirely escapes our conscious being. It also regulates our biological functions. It is a world apart.

What the conscious cannot keep “to function normally”, it is the unconscious which keeps it. It stores everything, it keeps all our acquired memories.


When we have a problem, we reflect, we think we have found the solution and we act.

What often happens: we don’t get the expected result.

Why doesn’t it happen like in our conscious analysis?

Let’s take an example: I no longer want to attract this kind of men/women. I’ve too often trusted. I know what I’m looking for.

We agree you made a thoughtful decision. But the bottom line is: you attract the same kind of people.

Why ?

Because we have an unconscious that also formulates, analyses and implements strategies that seems right to it ; except that we are not aware of these choices as explained above. The unconscious very often guides and dominates our life. It has guarded all our programs. It has stored all our thoughts, our beliefs, our limiting thoughts…. Not only does the unconscious store yours but also those of your parents, your grandparents, your educators, your environment, your experiences, your traumas, your culture, society in general…

How to change our life?

As you have understood, most of the time our unconscious governs us, so we must meet it and explore it.

Namely that we are not going to wander into the unconscious without a targeted method and educational support.

Initially, we will analyse, perceive and understand where in our past this problem is registered and where it freezes in our present. We provide all the information necessary to better understand what is happening to us.

So there are two stages/work-streams:

  • the first: we analyse where the problem comes from.
  • the second: with hypnosis, the root of the problem is transformed and real changes are brought about in one’s life.

During the analysis phase, I help the process to access a profound change by using symbolism.

Sending you a symbol of the problem allows:

  • to awaken your awareness to how your problem acts in your life.
  • to take the first steps to start the process.
  • to initiate the outcome of the work.

To understand our problem through a symbol is to take emotional distance and it relieves you at the physiological level of this tension related to fixed ideas that you may have: about your situation, about who you are, about why you are you there etc…

The course and outcome of a session.

First, I symbolise your problem to disconnect you emotionally from your thoughts related to it.

As a second step, during sessions where we talk, I suggest that you analyse the situation. I use personalised relevant images that are offered to design another angle of view and perception.

Sometimes it is necessary to do hypnosis sessions when this problem is part of the storage of your unconscious; when your problem guides and directs your life without your realising it.

In hypnosis, we silence the conscious to go and work on the root of this problem in the unconscious.

The symbol allows:

  • to work this problem at the root and to consider its transformation.
  • to help you tame these new perceptions, which are simpler and more obvious but also richer and broader.
  • to provide essential tools for the lasting evolution of your situation.
  • to draw another present and future.

We transform a fragile and unproductive initial logic to give way to an ability to see things more concretely, to act effectively with a better emotional distance.

I don’t believe that you decide to be happy and that by magic it works.

The hedonic approach (seeking pleasure and avoiding pain) does not allow for change.

Our life is built and evolves over time, nothing is fixed concerning our identity, our limits, our possibilities, our resources

and our projects.

We can act to transform them, modify them.

I suggest that you consolidate your capital of reflection, personal resources,

of inner power, of acceptance to deal with life’s experiences.

I offer you a tailor-made accompaniment to celebrate the reunion with yourself starting from the principle

that we are all unique.

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