Don’t wait for miracles,

your life is a miracle.

Albert Einstein.

The main needs of every human being : health, environmental security, financial stability, work, social life, self-esteem, recognition

and love.

The heart of my work is unified the conscious and the unconscious.

By reconnecting them, you transform your life.

The more you become aware of who you are, the more you transform existential wounds, the more you free yourself from burdens that you have consciously and unconsciously carried. The more our life finds its main needs.

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It is liberating and fundamental work.

This work provides access to an accurate and efficient analysis of a situation. An analysis that sheds new light, sharp thinking and clear solutions to achieve the expected result. This work leads us to a discovery of our potentials and to deepen a field of possibilities wider than the one we are familiar with.

We must also know that the unconscious prevents the lucidity of oneself and others, because what we believe “to be” is inscribed in our unconscious. And our unconscious takes us where it wants.

My job is to accompany you in becoming aware of your life’s choices and goals and to guide you to become aware of what you can change and accomplish in your life.

Whatever the goal/needs you have:

I will be there to assist you and achieve your desired purpose. Our mind has a life of its own: we think that we are in control of our life when we are just the servant of our mental state.

It is a real process of transformation of our lives.


In every personal or professional situation, we sometimes find ourselves not finding solutions, feeling blocked by circumstances or we do not understand what is happening to us.

  • I help you better understand your choices and decisions.
  • I help you perceive your thought mechanisms.
  • I give you advice to resolve this situation and to know what would be interesting to put in place to get out of the existing scheme.
  • I give you food for thought to move forward and accomplish yourself in what you want.

It is about finding a solution to a problem.

  • We will have a brief phone or SKYPE/ZOOM discussion to learn about your research and see if I can help you and I’ll explain how I work.
  • The first session consists of getting to know yourself better and understanding what you want and establishing together an action plan towards your goals.
  • We start the accompaniment. At any time, I adapt to your wishes or changes during the sessions. Everything moves according to your pace and not mine. We do not do hypnosis at every session.
  • At any time, you can stop the process set up. The end of the accompaniment is by mutual agreement and is always based on your objectives to be achieved.
  • It is also possible to do a session or two to clarify certain things or learn to better discern certain changes. I call it a repositioning, a temporary rebalancing.

The focus is on two axes: What is the problem and what is your goal?

A session is all about finding a solution to your problem.

You will understand what is blocking access to your
wish/potential/needs/goals and this will allow you to activate new ways
of seeing, thinking and acting.

You will have a different reading of the situation, you will distinguish cause and effect relationships and you will reach your goal.

Fondations in our lives.

Need for security and protection.
We all need physical and mental security.There is nothing more personal, intimate than the bonds we
have with our family members. May the present be made of misunderstanding and judgment, I
help you find a dynamic more appropriate to your choices.

Work. Money. Professional life.
We all need a stable environment. Work, success, finances are part of our
daily life and our fulfillment. I help you to better know what motivates you,
what blocks you, what scares you in your desires, choices and objectives.

Love. Friendship. Emotional life.
We all need to feel loved, appreciated, valued. To live without love, without
tenderness is utopian. I help you to better understand what you are looking
for, to better understand the choices made, the complicated relationships,
your identity.

All payments must be made before the day of the consultation by bank
Any session canceled 48 hours in advance will be refunded.

  • For any adult: 1 hour = 95 euros.
  • For all students and young professionals: 1 hour = 65 euros.
  • For any teenager : 1 hour = 55 euros.

During the pandemic, the sessions took place by Skype/Zoom.

My feedback is that the sessions as well as the practice of hypnosis are
as effective and bring the same results for those people I meet face to

Two benefits emerged: time and money saved.

These sessions are not mediumship or clairvoyance sessions.

I cannot consult anyone:

  • With psychotic states or significant personality disorders.
  • With severe pathologies such as schizophrenia, paranoid psychosis.
  • Currently consulting a psychiatrist or released from a psychiatric
  • under 18 years old ( with the exception of teenagers from 14 years old with parental meeting & consent).

To Know.

  • My work is not a substitute for a medical discipline. My practice is complementary, it does not replace the advice and consultation of health professionals and does not issue drug prescriptions.

  • The hypnotherapist is not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist. It does not diagnose, treat and cure.

  • Hypnosis techniques should also not be confused with esotericism and the paranormal.

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