A friend, a confidante advises me to contact Donatienne.

Who is Donatienne, how does she work…?

She is above all Human, yes with a capital H.

Strong and sensitive, anchored and determined, inhabited by a powerful breath of life, she implements her gifts in the service of humanity.

From the first session, her ability to read me, to identify my inner blockages surprised me. Donatienne positions me facing myself, facing my mirror.

This situation is not always comfortable, I sometimes refuse to put my gaze, my intention on what I especially do not want, consciously or unconsciously, to bring to the surface. In this case, Donatienne refocuses me with firmness and gentleness in total respect without judgment and returns to the point that I wanted to avoid.

She never gives up and creates a reassuring atmosphere. Trust comes naturally.

Thanks to her very special gift, her powerful energy, her analytical accuracy, she makes me discover my unconscious, my hidden face. The one I don’t want to see for fear of contact with my inner mud, … not easy for someone who can’t stand the slightest stain on his shirt…

It reveals the links and therefore the interactions between my conscious, my unconscious and the outside world.

These links are like the strings of a gigantic musical instrument. Abused for so long, mine is out of tune.

She listens to each of my strings, adjusts the tension, when the resonance is right she goes to the next one and so on. If necessary, she sometimes goes back to readjust.

Tuning is an art so that the whole can ring true in harmony with oneself, with life, with the universe so that harmony, love is possible.

Donatienne is therefore a perfect pitch tuner.

She saved me, the word is strong I am aware of it, especially for those who will read these few lines, but that is only the truth. I am finally in tune with life even if sometimes a rebalancing is necessary… Today my foundations are solid…

Through this testimony, I address my eternal thanks to Donatienne….

Lionel – Senior Executive established in France (Metz).

Donatienne DUPONT…. A decisive encounter in my life.

Recommended by a benevolent and sunny friend, I went to meet this beautiful woman with a deep gaze, who was going to change my life.

I started, at 60, to reconnect with ME, with the child that I had been so long ago, and who was waiting for me, wisely curled up inside me…

Donatienne immediately SEES the souls and feels the weaknesses and the strengths that inhabit us…

It takes your breath away, it stirs, it stuns…. From interviews to hypnosis, from laughter to sadness, Donatienne never gives up… She patiently accompanies us, and does not hesitate to let us rest, digest, spacing out the sessions if necessary… And it starts again…

In 2 years, I set foot on the path that is really mine.

I have never felt so free in my life, free to be ME!!!

Donatienne connects us to our hearts, I didn’t understand what that really meant.

 I am a cheerful and optimistic person despite the dramas I had to face, and I loved life and others despite everything…

After this extraordinary therapy, this work (because it is one), I finally understand, I feel what Donatienne wanted me to understand… I feel a jubilation, that’s the word that comes to me… The jubilation, the deep joy of finally listening to me, of being connected to me, to my own desires… Something very subtle, light, constant, there in my chest, in my heart FINALLY…

At 62, I feel like I’m starting another life, MY REAL LIFE… I feel connected to the Universe, so many things have happened to me since I listened to myself, listened to my feelings, from my intuition…

It’s never too early… Not too late! To go in search of yourself…

And Donatienne marvelously accompanies this incredible work of reconnection.

Marie-Christine – Retired Sncf employee/Artist established in France (Nancy).

“I always felt like a ghost trying to have some semblance of life.” That was before.

When I met Donatienne, from the first session, I felt that the tide was going to turn. It was also quite special and confusing, it at least foreshadowed the equally surprising sequel.

Donatienne is nothing like a traditional therapist. Confidence is obvious, the handling is immediate. And already the invitation to live in the present is there. The sessions follow one another where the limits of understanding are constantly pushed back. She discovers you, from all your illusions and draws your free path to learn to live, and this, in all soul and conscience. Be there.

No room for fuss, though she’s more than patient at times, but forgive me the expression “you can’t do it upside down.” His reading is flawless. Anything goes. Never seen. She knows for yesterday, brings back to today and warns for tomorrow. The therapeutic thread is permanent. Our truths are not always easy to hear, to discover or to accept and integrate, but she brings them with great delicacy and kindness. And little by little, the new web is being woven every day.

I was really far, very far, from knowing what was going to change, what was possible to change.

She led me to my heart, to the heart of the Human in which I had completely lost confidence, lost the link, a long time ago. And it was a waste of time behind the prison of the mind. A rather well-honed mind, with knots in all directions and the answer to everything, like a good despot, in the realm of fears.

And yet…

After 2 years “in the hands of Donatienne” here I am singing like a free bird at 41 years old.

I crossed France after a year of follow-up and started again from zero. The turn of the quarantine was in the spotlight.

I am an intermittent performer, in other words it was quite daring in the middle of Covid to go and settle elsewhere, without a network or knowledge.

But she gave me the courage, to trust myself and to trust life. To move towards self-respect, of what looks like us, without being a slave to…

I never thought I could wear these words: woman, free and independent

And for a year here I have made very beautiful musical encounters, the intermittency is assured, it is good to live where I am. The seat has become solid and balanced. I no longer float (or almost, it goes with the artist!). I finally landed and took charge of my life. Lighthearted.

Thank you Donatienne, for the fine surgery, the second wind and the resuscitation. And I thank life for giving me this chance.

Aude  –Singer established in France (Niort).

It’s been a few months now since I started a real work with Donatienne.

Why a “real job”? Because before, during or after the sessions, an effort of introspection is necessary.

It is a journey during which we are jostled. There is no lie, we are immersed in the truth. No more headlong rush into a life where many activities make it possible to avoid thinking too much about oneself, about what is “wrong” or hurting.There we must settle down and accept to descend in depth, guided by Donatienne.

Donatienne is a valuable guide for several reasons. By her nature, she has a gift that allows her to directly understand who you are, what your wounds are, your weaknesses… It helps you explore them, without ever forcing yourself, and at your own pace. It explains how you work, why you act in a certain way, why you behave in a certain way. It allows you to achieve a real awareness.

Donatienne uses a lot of symbolism, which allows you to understand, but also to be able to use these images yourself afterwards. Over the sessions, she helps you get rid of your “burdens”, and she uses hypnosis to do this, among other things.

In a few months, I notice (and my entourage too) real changes, both in my way of being strictly speaking and in my relationship with others, in the life decisions I make… I feel that I have refocused on myself, and even if the work is not finished, I see that I am on the right path.

Thank you Donatienne!

Françoise  – Wildlife veterinary established in Belgique (Liege).

I would like to thank Donatienne for the work undertaken on my problem which no longer allowed me to move forward professionally.

It gave me a broader and global view of the situation that had daily repercussions on my professional life and personal well-being and also for my future.

It brought me perceptions that I hadn’t thought of.

I was able to take a clearer position vis-à-vis my hierarchy and reposition myself in this dynamic, all with tact. I tended to be in conflict. It allowed me to speak and express clearly what I was experiencing and feeling.

It allowed me not to be afraid to be firm and clear in communication within my company, not especially easy to do in our very competitive and fast-paced world.

Donatienne is very intuitive and her sessions are very effective.

Thank you, Donatienne.

Laurent  – Corporate executive established in France (Paris).

An unexpected encounter with at first a feeling like no other. The first time I saw Donatienne, she passed the doors of my establishment, I immediately perceived that she was “different” From our first exchanges she saw a lot in me, allowed me to open my eyes and refocus on myself. She knew how to find the right words, the right method to free me from this malaise that had been chasing me for so many years. I managed to impose myself, regain confidence in myself and show the person I really was. She gave real meaning to my life as a woman, mother and entrepreneur. Donatienne is an angel who fell from heaven.

Chloé  – Head of a company established in France (Celles-sur-Belle).


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